In one of my earlier posts I have written about what is Direct Marketing and how it benefits the businesses. If you have not read the article please click here to read. There are various methods in Direct Marketing including Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Advertising, giving Coupons, etc. In today’s article I am going to write about advertising using direct mail and its benefits.

What is Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct-mail advertising can be defined as the process of sending offers or promotions by mail to your target audience. The target audience may be your existing clients or prospects. Direct Mail advertising pieces often include brochures, coupons, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters.

When using this medium you can talk to your potential customers without your competitors knowing what you communicate with your prospects. Also your potential customers can see your message without the distraction and clutter, common in mass media like magazines, newspapers, T.V. etc.

The success of Direct Mail advertising campaign can be measured simply counting the responses one received after the campaign is over. Since the Direct Mail method is highly targeted the cost of campaign will be less comparing to the other kinds of advertising. For example let us assume that you want to target pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and formulation companies and advertise in a pharmaceutical trade journal. Comparing to other generalized magazines, trade journal will be more focused but still it comprises of other sub-segments such as machinery manufacturers, service providers, etc. who constitute a major chunk. When a pharmaceutical trade journal claims it has a circulation of 10,000 copies it may have less than 1,000 companies among drug manufacturers and formulation sector. On the contrary when you are sending direct mail to the target 1,000 drug manufacturers and formulation companies your message will be reached to the 100% of your target.

That means there is no wastage of resources.

A recent survey shows that the opening rate for email is between 0.5 to 1.5 among commercial sector. On the other hand opening rate of direct mail is above 50%. This is mainly due to the mail is personal and customers trust the old postal system than the new spam email. 

There are several benefits for using Direct Mail advertising over other forms of advertising. Only the thing one has to note is that the list should be relevant and focused to the segment where you want to target.

We have a database of more than 11,000 unique Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies ready to receive relevant information and want to do business with you. As you want to target them I have a fantastic offer for you and the offer is we will send your offers, sales communication, product brochures, etc. to the first 1000 (one thousand) pharma companies using surface mail. The communication will appear entirely from you only. Majority of the persons will be addressed with their name and remember what effect it has on your mailer.

The cost of sending 1000 mailer is very very cost effective. For further information please contact me using ‘Contact Us’ form.

P.S. Don’t forget to act before your competition does.

Direct Mail Advertising – How businesses targeting Pharmaceutical Industry benefits?

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