Internet is considered as a new viable, vibrant medium for communication, conducting business, etc; by Governments, Corporate and general public alike. It is truly Democratic in nature as nobody particularly owns internet and nobody can claim that he or she or any sort of syndicate dominate the internet. Any ‘David’ can challenge any ‘Goliath’ if he knows the technology and techniques of conducting business over internet. Today internet becomes a part and parcel of everybody who wants to transact business in a fast, cost effective manner. Governments talk about e-governance, Corporate talk about e-biz and Laymen e-mail and chatting.

Promotion strategies of today have evolved very much. Advertisers are constantly probing to   promote effectively and efficiently. The result is adding internet as most preferred medium for promoting in their promotion strategy. The internet as a medium for promotion is coming up very fast. Following are a few methods used for Advertising Online :

+ Search engine promotion   

+ Social Media Marketing Pay per click advertising

+ Promotion via email (e-newsletters/e-zine/direct e-mail)  

+ News groups discussion  

+ chatting  

+ bulletin boards  

+ Instant message  

+ banner exchanges   

+ cross promotion   

+ Link exchanges and much more.  

For Indian marketers in our opinion it is better to use both medium judicially in the overall advertising / promotion strategy of a firm. Foremost, one should identify its target market and which medium and media vehicles are used by the decision makers of that niche market. If you succeeded in identifying it, your marketing plan will be already won half battle. At the same time don't forget the new trends coming up in your industry.

As said earlier we don't reveal all of our knowledge here because there are plenty of copyCATs prowling on the internet. We don't want to feed them. In case you require more information or are interested in advertising online & offline and get more business kindly click contact us. We will put our 29+ years of experience and expertise to see that your goal is achieved.

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