We, Blue Heaven Advertising & Marketing, offer following services:

Business Promotion: Website is your online business identity. Your
prospects will find you only if you promote your business to catch their
attention. (click here to know more)

Marketing Consultancy: Before launching a business it is advisable to
research about your product/service, it’s success and so on. We offer
marketing consultancy. (click here to know more)

Email marketing: Using this method you may deliver your message right in
front of your prospects/clients. You may use emails to send ads, request
business, solicit sales, build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. (click here to
know more)

Search Engine Optimization: In order to place your website on 1st pages of
search engines you will have to optimize web pages before submitting. (click
here to know more)

Search Engine Submission: After optimizing the websites you will have to
submit to the relevant search engines so that any of your prospects while
searching you online your website may show on the first page. (click here to
know more)

Social Media Marketing: Social media plays a big role in attracting and
nurturing prospects and turning that prospects into paying clients. You should
keep a long time strategy if you use this medium. (click here to know more)

Multimedia CD presentation: It’s far more easier and effective to convince a
client when you present facts about your products / services on a multimedia
CD/DVD rather than presenting it on a print medium. (click here to know

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC): When your website doesn’t turn up on the
first page of Search Engine Returned Page (SERP) while conducting a
relevant keyword, you may use PPC for immediate result. You will be paying
only for the clicks when someone clicks on your ad. (click here to know more)

Publicity: It will be more authentic when a third party writes about your
products or services in a relevant magazine or website than placing an ad.
It’s natural to promote your products or services using free publicity. (click
here to know more)

Website designing: Website is your online identity. In order to prospects have
to come and visit your site and converting that visitor into a paying client will
take considerable planning and execution. So take care, otherwise a visitor
who leaves your site without connecting you may not come back again. (click
here to know more)

Website promotion: If website is your online identity then you will have to tell
the world about your existence. There are hundreds of different methods to
promote your website. What constitutes your promotion mix? Use tested and
successful strategy (click here to know more)

Advertising online: Digital Media registering a 35% growth year on year.
Choose digital media in your Media mix. There are hundreds of methods to
do online advertising. (click here to know more)

Advertising offline: In India, business to business marketers are using print
medium up to 83% to send their message to the target audience. Select your
media vehicle carefully to get optimum result for your ad budget. (click here to
know more)