Considering the cost and effectiveness of circulating printed material among your prospects/ clients it is a better idea to give away CD/DVD containing information about your company, products / services. Traditionally we use 4 color leaflets, brochures or booklets to convey our sales message to our potential clients. But consider the cost involved in the process. To create a 4 color sales brochures or booklets involve huge investment and it is time consuming. Moreover you will not be able to consume the huge inventory you printed as the information may be obsolete within a year or so.

Now you consider the possibility of Multimedia CD/DVD presentation. you can video-graph your process of manufacturing, add audio, edit and present to the client a 4 color audio visual presentation (By the way you can make video presentation without shooting a real video). A Client sitting 1000's of kilometres away doesn't require to travel down to your factory to see the performance of your machinery thus saving time and money.

You can change your product range at will. No need to keep inventory. you can get designed a master copy of CD/DVD and distribute copies of your CD/DVD as and when required. You are saving on the large amount on printing / mailing cost because you can send this multimedia file via internet also. Your client will also be very happy as he doesn't want to travel. He can show the file to his colleagues and take a decision. Opportunities are plenty.

Interactive multimedia CD/DVDs are an innovative method to impress your potential as well as existing clients. It’s far more easier and effective to convince a client when you present facts about your products / services on a multimedia CD/DVD rather than presenting it on a print medium. First one is more live than the latter. You may copy your whole web site and present it to the client on a CD/DVD. This will give a uniform feel about your organization / product / service. You may include information about your company, product, service, history, catalogues, industry information or anything you want. Only your imagination can limit.   

As said earlier we don't impart all of our knowledge here because there are plenty of copyCATs prowling on the internet. We don't want to feed them. In case you require more information or are interested in giving advertisements offline & online and to get more business kindly click contact us. We will put our 29+ years of experience and expertise to see that your goal is achieved.

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