Prior to the birth of internet, marketers used traditional advertising to promote their products. Following are the few media used in Advertising Offline.

*   Print Medium (newspapers, magazines, Directory, hand bills, Time Table, etc;)

*   Electronic Medium (Television,   Radio, Cable T.V. etc;)  

*   Cinema

*   Outdoor (posters, hoardings, neon signs, Aerial  advertising,  Banners, etc;),    

*   Direct mail

*   Writing on walls, Painting on buses, trains, etc;

These media are still used by the marketers worldwide especially in India. But new trend is fusing online advertising methodology in their promotional strategy. In the couple of reports published, in India, business to business marketers are using print medium up to 83% to send their message to the target audience. But online marketing is emerging and it’s share in 2013 is around 7%. In our opinion it is better to use both media judicially in the overall advertising / marketing strategy of a firm. Foremost, one should identify its target market and which medium and media vehicles are used by the decision makers of that niche market. If you succeeded in identifying it, your marketing plan will be already won half battle.

When you release advertisement in the print medium, it is better to release ads when that particular magazine / periodical take part in any focused exhibition so that you will have the double advantage of getting exposure to its regular subscribers as well as the business visitors of that exhibition.

As said earlier we don't reveal all of our knowledge here because there are plenty of copyCATs  prowling on the internet. We don't want to feed them. In case you require more information or are interested in advertising online & offline and get more business kindly click contact us. We will put our 29+ years of experience and expertise to see that your goal is achieved. 

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