Here you will find useful sites pertaining to advertising, promotion, marketing
and PR. This page will be updated regularly, so please visit this page often. : This is the website of Express Pharma, a
leading Pharmaceutical fortnightly from Indian Express group. Their editorial
content structured around Market, Management, Research and Pharma Life.
They claim they caters to the information needs of all levels of management
in the pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It’s the website of Chronicle PharmaBiz, a weekly
covering the South Asian markets of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and
Sri Lanka. Publishers of this weekly are Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd. They targets
top and middle management pharma professionals. It’s the website of The Pharma Review® (Bi-Monthly)
magazine which is one of the leading Pharma journals, appropriately
referred to as the Umbrella Journal of the Pharma Industry. Abstracted and
Indexed by the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, USA and Chemical
Abstracts, USA, the magazine provides an excellent platform for authors,
researchers and advertisers. : This is a monthly magazine for pharmaceuticals
and biotechnology industry professionals. It’s a publication from Jasubhai
Media Pvt. Ltd. Pharma Bioworld provides in-depth information on business
practices, latest trends, technologies, research, innovation and processes
across the entire industry pipeline.

PharmaTech is a journal on Pharma & allied industry. It’s a bi-monthly
published by KNS Media. Their website is It’s a
magazine where you can find latest articles on pharmaceutical industry. This is the website of Express Healthcare, a
leading Monthly from Indian Express group targeting Healthcare industry. Medical Buyer is a monthly targeting Healthcare
industry. The magazine is published by ADI Media group. : It’s a bi-monthly magazine on Health and Medical
world. The magazine is published by Advance Media Group.

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