Email Marketing is Marketing using email as a medium. Through email one can send plain text messages or HTML (Hyper Text   Markup Language, the language used in internet). While using HTML messages one can send moving images, sounds, graphics, etc; along with the message which will give an effect same that we see on a television or on a cinema screen.  Within 90 seconds an email message will reach at any corner of the world. It is so fast.   Since one can link his reply address to the message just clicking on the email address of the sender will open the default page of the message sending page of email client. The potential customer only have to fill up his requirements and click send. The message is gone. This is so simple.  And after all it costs only few peanuts as one page text message will take only a few seconds to send and receive. Thus it is cost effective also. The message will be deleted from the computer of the client only when he delete it. So the life of the message will be more.   

A recent study conducted by a leading provider of marketing tools for advertisers, direct marketers and web publishers, shows Email marketing ranked consistently high by respondents for achieving all marketing objectives, including lead generation (65%), information dissemination (55%), retention (55%), building awareness (55%), generating immediate sales (53%) and up selling (51%). Many studies on email marketing predict that spending for commercial e-mail will be increased year-on-year.

There are different kinds of email advertising. They may be classified mainly into three categories. Viz.

i) Opt-in Email newsletters:

Here one organization send information about new product launches or services offered to a mailing list. The newsletter may based on common interest, common industry, etc; The subscription will be free and customers have to give their consent to receive email from that particular organization on his preferred subject by filling a simple form where email id is mandatory. So when new products or services are being on offer the organization will notify their clients via email. When ever he wants to opt out from the mailing list he can do so by simply sending a mail to the newsletter publisher saying that he is no more interested in receiving their newsletters. In all opt in news letters there will be a link to unsubscribe from the list. Sponsor of the newsletter whose ad it carry bears the expense of sending the newsletter.   

ii) Straight Sales   email:

The emails sent straight by the marketer to his clients announcing launching of a new product, a discount offer, a discounted sale, a trade show, etc;

iii) Spam:

In the internet world Spam means sending unsolicited emails. They are indiscriminate, untargeted, bandwidth unfriendly and almost 100% of time unwelcome. In other word they are junk mails. Many countries have prohibited sending junk mails by law. The normal operating method of spammers (those who send unsolicited email messages) are they will collect emails from internet (called harvesting) and will send messages to those email ids. They do not know to whom they are sending.   

I have received many emails asking whether the Email Marketing is effective or not. Also clients want to know if it is effective why people are not using it widely? I will answer to these questions in my newsletter.

The possibility of using email in marketing of products / services are enormous. In case you require more information or interested in sending email to your target clients to get more business kindly click contact us. We will put our 29+ years of experience and expertise to see that your goal is achieved.

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