As a marketer you may be using different medium to communicate with your potential clients. There are scores of media to choose but every medium has its own pros and cons. As a marketing person I know it well. From many years of trials and errors I found that Direct Marketing (DM) using surface mail, when done correctly, is most effective. There are mainly 5 points to ponder:

DM means private: When using this medium you can talk to your potential customers without your competitors knowing what you communicate with your prospects. Also your potential customers can see your message without the distraction and clutter, common in mass media like magazines, newspapers, T.V. etc.

DM means your own time: you can mail your potential customers at any time you choose, using a wide variety of letters or designs. You can mail letters, postcards, colour brochures, and product samples. Itʹs entirely up to you to decide what to use, and the only constraints are your budget and your imagination.

DM means hitting the bull’s eye: You can decide exactly whom you want to reach, and then

communicate to them one-to-one in the privacy of their own homes or offices.

DM means seeing is believing:The success of a Direct Mail campaign can be easily measured by counting the number of responses, unlike other mass media. This will give clear idea of how effectively your marketing money was spent.

DM means better ROI: When you compare the cost of Direct Marketing with other media you will understand that how well Direct Mail can work, it becomes a ʺselffinancingʺ medium. You can actually identify a cost per response and finetune your future budgets and targets accordingly.

We have a database of more than 11,000 unique Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies ready to receive relevant information and want to do business with you. As you want to target them I have a fantastic offer for you and the offer is we will send your offers, sales communication, product brochures, etc. to the first 1000 (one thousand) pharma companies using surface mail. The communication will appear entirely from you only. Majority of the persons will be addressed with their name and remember what effect it has on your mailer.

The cost of sending 1000 mailer is very very cost effective. For further information please contact me using ‘Contact Us’ form.

P.S. Don’t forget to act before your competition does.

Direct Marketing – An effective communication vehicle Marketers fail to look into
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