Top 10 Reasons Why You want to Update your Website... and stay miles ahead of your competition.

You might have designed and hosted your website a few years back, say, 3 or 5 years. As you know technology has advanced very much and your prospects want to see many things on your site. They want to browse your website using their cell phone or tab; they may be looking for relevant updated content; they may also want to offer comments / suggestions about your product or service. You can't do these things and many other things WITHOUT an updated site design.

Let me explain the top 10 reasons why you want to update your website so that you may move along with the current time.

1. Your site is non-responsive: Research shows that more than 55% of people who browse sites are using handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets. If your site is made only for a particular screen resolution, chances are that your prospects will go away from your site to browse your competition if their sites are responsive to all screen sizes.

2. You are growing but your website is far behind: You have new or improved products, or services but a person coming to your website doesn't know about it. If your site still shows your old products or services, people will think your company is still dealing with that old products or services and will not come to you instead they will approach your competition who offer better, improved products or services. You should show people that you are staying current, and growing.

3. You are changing but your web copy and images are still in the olden days: Your objectives may not be the same as that of 5 years back. Your target market may have changed. You may be targeting people who are geographically far and culturally different. A new responsive design and content require to communicate with the new / extended market.

4. You want to interact with the audience but your site isn’t interactive: In Today’s marketing it is important to know how the target audience thinks. For that it is necessary to engage them. For that you should have to and fro communication process with them. It is only possible when your webpages have means for viewers to comment on your content or give you feedback. Give your target audience more ways to comment, question and offer suggestion.

5. No CTA page on your website: You have a well designed website, your website has great content for your visitors but still after visiting your site and reading all the contents you have given, they are still clueless about what to do next. This is because your website is missing a CTA (Call to Action) page.

6. You want top position in Search Engine rankings: Search Engines love new content to be crawled and indexed. They give priority for responsive sites. If you have an older site, chances are that you have already lost your positions in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) if you have anything before.

7. You are talking Big about You and your Products only: You can see yourself that many websites talk Big things about their company, their products, their achievements, their offers. Most of the time they forget to talk about the prospects, their pain, their anxiety and how their offerings will benefits them or solve their pain or problems. Only when you understand their pain or problem properly, you will be able to offer right solutions to solve their pain or problems.

8. Your Social Media presence is Zero: Your target market is waiting for you in different social media such as Linkedin, Facebook and twitter. But you have not done anything to reach out to them.

9. Your competitor’s site looking up-to-date, and yours not: You want to be the business leader at your segment market. A fresh look will always give confidence to you and people would like to do business with you. For new people your site will always be a great place to start.

10. Your website metrics speaks about itself: Have you checked your web stats recently to know from where your visitors are coming from and after visiting your page where they gone; to your competitor site or some where else? Which page or pages they visit frequently and spent more time on it. These kind of metrics will help you to update your marketing strategy regularly.

If you convinced and want to Update your Website and stay miles ahead of your competition please click here and send your requirements. My team will reply back within 3-24 hrs (except on Sundays and holidays).

Top 10 Reasons Why You want to Update your Website.

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