Email Marketing is one of the digital communication method used in marketing. The Media vehicle used is email (electronic mail) to send communication. One can send one to one or one to many communication using this method. There are different kinds of email Marketing. They may be classified mainly into three categories. Viz.

a) Opt-in Email: Here one organization which is in conducting newsletter business and have a mailing list send information about new product launches or services offered. The newsletter may based on common interest, common industry, etc; The subscription will be free and customers have to give their consent to receive email from that particular organization on his preferred subject by filling a simple form where email id is mandatory. When new products or services are being on offer the organization will notify their subscribers via email. When ever he/she wants to opt out from the mailing list he/she can do so by simply sending a mail to the newsletter publisher saying that he is no more interested in receiving their newsletters or just by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email. Many countries require by law while sending news letters or prospecting emails, a link to unsubscribe from the list and postal address be given. Sponsor of the newsletter whose ad it carry bears the expense of sending the newsletter. Many companies build their own opt-in list.

b) Direct email: The emails sent straight by the marketer to his clients announcing launching of a new product, a discount offer, a discounted sale, a trade show, etc; Here, as per law, a link require to unsubscribe and postal address should be provided.

c) Spam: In the internet world Spam means sending unsolicited emails. They are indiscriminate, untargeted, bandwidth unfriendly and almost 100% of time unwelcome. In other words they are junk mails. Many countries have prohibited sending junk mails by law. The normal operating method of spammers (those who send unsolicited email messages) are they will collect emails from internet (called harvesting) and will send messages to those email ids. They do not know to whom the are sending.

Email marketing ranked consistently high by users for achieving all marketing objectives, including lead generation, information dissemination, retention, building awareness, generating immediate sales and up selling.

Sending email is very cost effective. It’s very fast and you can address a prospect by his name. If the prospect like your communication he can reply you by clicking the reply button. If you want to send audio/video files you can send it by using email. The marketing campaign using email can be measurable. You can measure how many emails sent, how many delivered, how many opened, how many returned and of course the action taken on that mail.

But if you think it’s very easy to conduct email marketing, then think again. Like any other marketing method you have to consider many things like exact target market. By harvesting and sending email you may not know to whom you are sending. This will negatively effect your company’s image and may also land you in trouble.

So it’s better to engage an agency who do legible email marketing. If you require our service, kindly contact us, we are ready to support you in your marketing effort.

Email Marketing – points to remember

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