It’s time to go for a Responsive Website.

First let me discuss why you want a website?   WEBSITE is an integral part of business promotion and is a great promotional tool.  It’s the online identity of your business and acts as your business ambassador 24X7. Your website will be the first impression (sometimes last impression) of your business for those who search web for relevant information on products or services which you offer. Your website gives your prospects an idea of what the business is about, what you are offering and the people behind it.

Nearly 100% business people are using internet. So it is essential to have a good looking, well designed, easily navigable website to showcase your products / services in front of them in your absence. A website will make your business appear more professional and will give an edge over your competitors. You can interact with your prospects through surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms and allow them to comment on your website so that you can start communicate with them later and nurture a good relationship and turn that relation into a paying customer. By using these techniques you can save money and time when you engage people to do these things. You can inform your customers about new launch, discounts, and related things very easily and effectively.

In this age of internet we are living in a Global village. Even if your brick and mortar business is stationed locally   you may target prospects far and wide. You can showcase your product using images and videos. No need for     you to travel long distance to make a presentation or your prospects to visit your factory to see the working of the machinery.

Now let me discuss why you go for a Responsive Website?

Responsive website design adapt to different screen sizes and no need to design different websites for PC, tablets, smartphones, etc. It gives ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. Moreover contents will not overlap and one can find links in their place.

Various researches have shown that more than 50% of people who access websites use hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets. With Responsive websites, no need to go for multiple sites with same contents for various screen resolutions thus saving efforts and money. Users can browse the website anytime using any device with ease. Thus the person using the website will get optimal user experience. As no need to keep multiple url, it is very easy to remember the single website address. From the search engines view they can crawl single site and index faster, rather than crawl and index multiple websites with different url but identical content.

Finally, the cost effect. If one keeps different sites for mobile, tablet, desktop or any other device, the charges for urls, designing, link building, maintaining, etc. will be separate and will be exorbitant to afford.

So the question is do you want to keep multiple sites with same content or a Responsive single website, which is user and search engine friendly, offering content to various screen resolutions?

It’s time to go for a Responsive Website – Reasons

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