Brochure Marketing refers to communicating or advertising using a pamphlet, a flyer or a brochure which describes benefits and features of various products or services to be promoted. There are several methods available to promote business, product or service and Brochures are one of several options.

The foremost feature of the Brochure Marketing is that your marketing message will be seen by your potential clients only and your competitors will have no idea of what you are communicating with your prospects. If your competitior knows about your product features or offers it is easier for them to make changes in their offer and target the potential clients with an even better offer.

Your potential customers can see your message without the distraction and clutter, common in mass media like magazines, newspapers, T.V. etc. You may mail your offers at your own time when you are ready. Your prospects can see what you are offering and take a decision at his/her own time and at their own pace.

The success of a Brochure Marketing campaign can be easily measured by counting the number of responses, unlike other mass media. This will give clear idea of how effectively your marketing money was spent. Since Brochure Marketing is targetting highly focused group, the conversion rates will be higher and you will get a better ROI.

We have a database of more than 11,000 unique Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies ready to receive relevant information and want to do business with you. Using our knowledge and experience in Marketing we have developed a special Brochure Marketing namely ‘Pharma Direct’ for businesses targeting Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies in which there will be maximum 8 advertisers with no competitor ads.

Majority of the prospects will be addressed with their name and remember what effect it has on your mailer. This Brochure is a single sheet, multi coloured printed and doesn’t discriminates as front or back page so that the probability of viewing your ad may be higher. As one side of the brochure will have only maximum 4 ads, it is easier for the reader to locate all ads at a glance.

For further information and getting a sample (soft copy) please contact me using ‘Contact Us’ form.

P.S. Don’t forget to act before your competition does.

Brochure Marketing – Benefits and Features – An Overview

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