An Excellent Promotional Opportunity for Businesses targeting Pharma companies!

If you are targeting Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies ready to receive relevant information and want to do business with you, then, please read on...

Dear Marketer,

As a marketer you may be using different medium to communicate with your potential clients. There are scores of media to choose but every medium has its own pros and cons. Many times your prospects don't even look at your communication. With around 29 years of experience in Marketing & Advertising I know it.

Currently you may be using media vehicles such as Pharmaceutial magazines, Directories, Newspapers, Social Media, Search Engines, Email, to name a few. The foremost negative part of these media vehicles is that your message will be seen by everyone including your competitors. When your competitor knows about your offers they can offer even better plan by adding a few more features or reducing price or enhancing after sales service, to name a few. The second handicap is your ad will be in a crowd with other ads and may not stand tall among other advertisements. There are plenty of reasons to point out.

From many years of trials and errors we found that Brochure Marketing (BM) using surface mail, when done correctly, is more effective. We have 29+ years of knowledge and experience in Marketing and advertising, and using that we have developed a special kind of communication medium for businesses targeting Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies in which there will be maximum 8 advertisers with no competitor ads. We named it as ‘Pharma Direct’.

Let me give its features and benefits quickly.

Features Benefits
 Hit the bull's eye
You will be communicating with highly segmented target
 Communicate privately You can communicate with your potential customers without your competitors ever knowing
 View ad at Prospects own time Your potential customers can view your message without the distraction and clutter, common in mass media like magazines newspapers, T.V. etc. and take decision at their own time
 Maximum 4 advertisers on one side      

Single sheet  Multi colour printed

The probability of seeing your ad is higher comparing to other media
No competitor ad
Your chance of getting responses will not be divided
No discrimination as front or back Your ad will get equal weightage

With the above features and benefits of 'Pharma Direct' and including certain Action Taking Features while making the ad material you can be sure that your communication will be right in front of the decision maker helping to take right action at right time. Majority of the prospects will be addressed with their name. When addressed with their name there will be a familiarity and this will increase the chance of opening the cover and view the contents inside. Opening / viewing rate in Brochure Marketing is higher than to any other media [Rough estimate is more than 90% - compare this with opening rate of 0.5% to 1.5% of email].

We have a database of more than 11,000 unique Indian drug manufacturers and formulation companies ready to receive relevant information and want to do business with you. We will be sending 'Pharma Direct' with your offer to 1000 (one thousand) pharma companies using surface mail during the 1st phase of mailing.  After seeing the response you may decide whether to go further with Brochure Marketing. 

The rate for participating space will be highly affordable for business like you. I don't think you will let this opportunity to go before your competitors take their decision. For further information and to get a FREE soft copy of 'Pharma Direct' kindly mail me at pharmadirect[at] and I will do the needful by return mail.

Thanking you,

Yours in success,

Sebastian Lobo
Blue Heaven Advertising & Marketing

P.S. 'Pharma Direct' is an excellent opportunity to target your right prospects.
P.P.S. There are only 8 spots on 'first come first served' basis.                                                                                                                         


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