"A Well Designed, Easily Navigable, Customer-centric Website Attracts Hordes Of Traffic  Whereas A Cluttered, Heavy To Load Website Drives Away Prospects"

“The 6 Problems Everyone Has With Web Designers — And How We At Blue Heaven Solve Them”

Dear Marketers,

Imagine this situation...  You have entrusted to design or redesign your website to a web designer or an agency. Then  have you ever been in the following situation. The project is not moving forward as desired as something blocking somewhere.  You are busy with your core work.  You want to clear the roadblock and expect a few tips or suggestions from your designer or agency.  But they are equally helpless as they know only to design the website after receiving everything (content, visuals, ideas, etc.) from the client.  They run their business like that only.  Even after you give all necessary things, you had to follow up with the designer multiple times desperately but he/she didn't return your phone calls or reply to the mails you sent. At last when the project is ready (as per designer's version) the design/colour which you initially discussed and agreed were not there in the final stage, the content was entirely out of the subject. Finally, after hosting the website, it took its own time to load and didn't bring prospects as you desired.

Sound familiar?

I know it might have happened to you once or many times; it happened to me also.

Hi, My name is Sebastian Lobo. I'm the Founder and CEO of Blue Heaven Advertising and Marketing (www.webpromotionservices.net). I have more than 29 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing Industry.

During these years I have noticed that whether in writing ad copy for print medium or communication material for digital medium most of the copy writers forget the objectives. For example they design the website perfectly well and write the features of the products/services as if they know the products/services are very much required by the buyers but the question is whether the buyers know they require the products / services being offered. In short they may be excellent at designing and perhaps good at speaking the features of the products / services but fail to make understand the buyers the pain / problems faced by them and offer solutions to solve that pain / problems.

Following are the main 6 common lapses I found in website designing.      
1. Slow loading:
Many times when you try to load a site  you might have experienced that it takes several minutes to load. When people are searching for your products/services even if your website shows on the initial positions of the search engine rankings, people will move on and click next available site if your site takes time to load. You have only few seconds to get your site loaded  on the browser. Research shows a surfer wait for maximum 5 seconds to load the site, otherwise he/she will go to next available site.
2. Made for the company:
Majority of sites are designed for the company. There may be flashy objects, heavy images, irrelevant content. It is very difficult for a visitor to decide what to do on the site, where to find the information he requires. Site navigation is  very difficult.
3. Fit to only one size screen:
Most of the sites are made to fit for only one size where as people who are browsing the sites use mobiles, tabs, laptops, desktops, etc. which all have different screen sizes. ‘One size fit all’ theory doesn’t apply here.
4. Non functional:
Many a times it is noticed that the links on the web pages are non functional. A surfer has to spend a lot of time to find out the right functional link for his desired pages.
5. No legal compliance:
Another major flaw is no legal compliance pages on the site. When it is mandatory to put certain legal pages on your sites, non putting of the pages may attract legal action against your company.
6. Non-adherence to time:
The most frustrating thing in the designing project is non-adherence of the time from the part of the designer. One of my clients waited up to 7 months to get the website designed and hosted, that also after making several telephone calls and emails and even visiting his office several   times.

Frustrated with these situations I decided to do something about this.   Web designers focus only on aesthetic part of the design whereas we concentrate on marketing part also. Ours is a Professionally run organization and we know marketing theoretically and practically. We have over 29 years of experience and possess industry knowledge where we function. I knew long back that :

A Well Designed, Easily Navigable, Customer-centric Website Attracts Hordes   Of Traffic Whereas A Cluttered, Heavy To Load Website Drives Away Prospects.

So keeping the above concept in my mind I  built a team of designers and marketers of my own who know how to build and promote websites for marketers like you. We brain-stormed, spent many sleepless nights, designed, redesigned websites and finally a system that is effective and efficient evolved. We christened it as Business Designing & Promoting System (BDPS) and it attracts website traffic like a magnet. While developing this system we have in our mind all stake holders of the industry such as Prospects, Marketers, Search Engines, Law, etc.

A website made using BDPS in mind has following main features:

Market oriented: We design websites keeping the market in mind. We find out what they  want, why they want, how they  want and when they want.

Fast loading: We shreds unnecessary fats from the web pages. We keep only relevant material on the pages. No unnecessary flash objects or videos or junk copy. People like fast loading sites, also Search Engines love it.

Search Engine Friendly: Search Engines love fast loading, content rich web sites. We do both Off-page and On-page  optimization. There are scores of factors pertaining to Off-page and On-page optimization and we take care of all.

Aesthetically designed: Though we design websites keeping in mind the customer and search engines we do not sacrifice the beauty of the design.  

Functional: We give priority to functionality of the website as we know a non functional site is of no use. Prospects will try to visit the site only once and they will leave the site immediately not to return back if it is not functioning properly.

Fit to all sizes: Almost 50% of the people use handheld devices to browse the web pages. Keeping this in mind we design pages accordingly. One can browse the site using his/her mobile, tab, laptop or desktop computer.

Site Map: Search Engines love site map. People also like it. If they are in a hurry they can go to the page they wanted directly using site map. They can save their time.

CTAs: Majority of the websites do not put CTA (Call to Action) pages. Without this one prospect may wonder what to do next after visiting your website.   

Legal aspects: To comply with legal aspects one need to put certain pages like Terms of  use, etc. on the web page. Now check a few websites and see how many of them adhere to these things. We know it and we do it.

WEBSITE is an integral part of business promotion and is a great promotional tool. It’s the online identity of your business and acts as your business ambassador 24/7. Your website will be the first impression (sometimes last impression) of your business for those who search web for relevant information on products or services which you offer. Your website gives your prospects an idea of what the business is about, what you are offering and the people behind it. Many times one can complete sales process on the website itself like we do on e-commerce sites.

There are lots and lots of benefits to have a well designed, easily navigable,   customer-centric website. I have given below only a few.

Nearly 100% business people are using internet: It is essential to have a fast loading, good looking, aesthetically designed, easily navigable website to showcase your products/services in front of them in your absence.
David can challenge Goliath: Whether your business is a one man show or a small entity, you can showcase your products/services in front of Global prospects like fortune 500 companies are doing.  
Your business is open round the clock: You can conduct business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with your website. Your prospects can access your website for information and conduct business even when you are sleeping.
Be a Leader in your chosen field: A website will make your business appear more professional and will give an edge over your competitors. By offering content rich web pages you can establish leadership in your market.
Effective interaction: You can interact with your prospects through surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms and allow them to comment on your website so that you can start communicate with them later and nurture a good relationship with your prospects and turn that relation into a paying customer. By using these techniques you can save money and time if you engage people to do these things.
Easy Communication: You can inform your customers about new launch, discounts, and related things very easily and effectively.
Target far and wide: In this age of internet we are living in a Global village. Even if your brick and mortar business is stationed locally you may target prospects far and wide.
Efficient and Effective: It's faster than any other medium. You can showcase your product using images and videos. No need for you to travel long distance to make a presentation or your prospects to visit your factory to see the working of the machinery. Visualize how much money you can save like this. 'A penny saved is A penny earned'.
Cost effective: Marketing using website is very cost effective compared to any other medium. Compare the cost per prospect to reach in other medium such as radio, newspapers, T.V., etc. with that of marketing using website.
No geographical borders: Whether in East or West, North or South you can do business with anybody.
Stand tall from your competitor: Using SEO techniques your website can be in the initial positions when conducting a search.
Customer feed back: You can take suggestions/complaints about your products / services through feed back forms or customer comments on your web page.  

 “Okay Sebastian – So, What's The Investment for this Incredible System?” 

I know you must be expecting a fixed price for this System. As I already stated 'One size fit all' theory doesn't apply here because each and every  businesses are unique and require individual attention. Website design/redesign and Promotion is a service and one can’t price it like a Product. When you send us your objectives (what you want to achieve) of Marketing, Promotion or Advertising, we will send you the strategy (how to achieve) along with the investment details you have to make in order to achieve that objectives. We will be providing Customized Design / Marketing Project to our prospects. To send your objectives please click here. You can rest assured that our price will be most reasonable in the Industry. You may compare it with others, definitely.

Fast Action Bonus:

When you decide to have a website or redesign your existing website this week, I will give you a special bonus.  I will give you Three custom made legal pages worth Rs. 30,000.00 absolutely free.  To sweeten the deal I offer you yet another bonus. Your website will be maintained for 6 months absolutely FREE.  Hope this will enough for you to take a better decision on the future of your business.

Here's what to do next:

If you're convinced that Business Designing & Promoting System (BDPS) is for your business please click here, fill the form and send to me. My team will get back to you within 24 hours and do the needful.

Thanks for being with me so far.


Sebastian Lobo

P.S. Remember, to try Business Designing & Promoting System (BDPS) risk free and claim Fast Action Bonus click here now.


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